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Recently, a very sweet girl read my very short profile on this site and brought me a teapot and tea.  I thought that was so sweet and it made my day but I realized that I didn't have much here.  So Adrienne, thank you for inspiring me to write a bit more about myself, I didn't know anyone would care to read....and thanks so much for the tea :)
My views: 
Family is everything.  My family (work family included) are the most important things….they are such a big part of life, so I really if you're not having fun or you're not happy, change it.
I love the people around me.  They are exceptional.  We each have our own talents and unique abilities and I enjoy them. I surround myself with "like minded" but people that have talents that I don't.  I love a great conversation...history, politics, family, girl talk :)
Positivity is a part of my daily life.  If you're negative...trying to bring me or someone else down, it's not going to work here.   

In my past life, I wanted to be a child psychologist.  I didn't have the most "ideal" upbringing so I had hoped I could help children to get through their challenges.  Unfortunately, after studying Psychology, I realized that it wasn't enough to continue my mission.  I decided to get involved in as many groups that I could impact as I could!  I believe that my inherent need to help people is the reason I sit on various Boards and feel it necessary to help as many people as I can.  The charities I feel strongly about and help each and everyday of my life are: Angela's House, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Tikkun LI, Girl Scouts Suffolk County, Stony Brook Children's Hospital, 100 Women Who Care, American Heart Association. 

I love Ballroom Dancing-I was New York State Champion in 1996.  I LOVE tea  In fact, I have never had a cup of coffee in my life but I love Starbucks Earl Grey and when I'm sick the chai helps me :)
I love to cook and bake.  I'm pretty good at meatballs, lasagna, breads, stew, chili, cookies, biscotti...but I can't make a good roast beef.  Have no idea if you come over just don't ask for it.  I love to read and I collect old books.  Anything over 100 years old.  I hope books never really leave's a shame to think that future generations may not enjoy them. 

I love people.  Really, I do. I can find the good in anyone and I have a natural ability to talk to people and help them.  I love to teach. Some of my favorite days this year were teaching marketing at Nassau College but it was just too far away to continue.  I love being a mom.  Best thing I ever did.   I have my best friends each and lucky I feel!  

BluChip is my passion.It provides me the ability to utilize all of my talents and still help people.  This site is primarily dedicated to that.  All of the clients, friends and things we believe in are here.  I thank my staff because they help keep up with it.  Did I mention I love the people around me…especially my four incredible kids...I DO...thanks for stopping by...xo