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Quotes It was awesome to meet Karin and her staff. I am looking forward to some big ideas for 2015! Nice work, beautiful woman, inside and out! Quotes
Kevin Hunter
Exec Producer Wendy Williams Show

Quotes Blu Chip Marketing has been a pleasure to work with and a game-changing ally in our success. As a public figure, press and media play a vital role in my organization's ability to reach new clients, increase market visibility, and shape our image. Karin and her outstanding team make themselves readily available to me and it is clear that they strive to provide the best service possible. Their organizational work ethic and commitment to providing an excellent experience is impressive. Blu Chip Marketing is an investment that greatly enhanced my business and presence. I strongly recommend their service. Quotes
Dr. Steve Maraboli
International Best Selling Author, Behavioral Science Academic

Quotes Before Blu Chip Marketing, we weren't sure how to approach social media and networking and if we even needed it. But Blu Chip Marketing gave our marketing campaigns a whole new sense of energy. They guided us step-by-step through the process of creating effective social media and networking campaigns. Quotes
Bob Policastro
Executive Director and Founder of Angelas House

Quotes Thanks for developing my marketing plan for the new year. I am excited to connect with the rest of the Blu Chip family and to give back to more families in New York who need help. Never did I think that charity would be part of my marketing plan. We love it! Quotes
JP Aleso

Quotes Hello! I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job at the cover party. The cover of you was beautiful but your speech made people cry. You are a very special person with a sincere and caring heart. Congrats! Quotes
Chris P.
Milieu Cover Party

Quotes "Blu Chip was there when I needed them most. I run a charity and needed help receiving goods, clothing and toys. I asked BluChip for help, and they did not hesitate! They came with bags of goods, toys, clothing, etc. It was more than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful to them for all they have done." Quotes
Seasonal Giving

Quotes "I was one of the students at Hauppauge High School today that saw your presentation with Brittany. I just wanted to tell you that you guys did an amazing job. I have always been very concerned about my future and career choice. Today you really inspired me to work harder in life to find something I have a passion for and also make a great living out of it. You also opened up my mind to new possibilities in the business industry. I?m similar to you in that I?m very spontaneous in my work ethic and I have to constantly be switching up what I?m doing. I thought that this was a weakness of mine because I usually see successful people as the ones that can focus on their task and stick with it until completion. I didn?t believe that this weakness would work well in marketing and business because the job requires so much focus. You really made me re-think that because you said that this trait is actually a strength..." Quotes
Career Day Presentation with BluChip

Quotes I have been partners and friends with Karin Caro for several years and I feel lucky and happy to know her. We have a lot of laughs with her staff and her husband (my partner AJ). Great people. Great friends. Great Minds. Quotes
Mark Gatien
Partner & Friend

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