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Fun Snow Day Ideas!

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 12:00 AM

The snow storm is on it's way! To all my Long Island Friends, please be safe! Stay home and enjoy the snow day with your family! 

1. Sleep....haha I think we all know thats not possible with children, but it's wishful thinking


2. Make cookies or cook with the kids.


3. Clean and organize your house


4. Shop online. I love www.litrends.com!


5. Play a good old fashioned board game with the kids, or do some arts and crafts. 


6. Exercise!! 


7. Build a snowman, an igloo or have a snowball fight.


8. Movie marathon!! or watch some of our shows on www.thedailyblu.com


9. Build an indoor blanket fort for the kids 


10. Unfriend Facebook friends who live in warmer weather.... LOL or better yet, plan that long awaited, vacation you deserve!

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