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Cheers for Charity Cover Party

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 11:30 AM

The Milieu Magazine cover party was a huge success.  I am overwelmed with the love and support I recieved on Monday evening by my family, friends, and so many inspiring women.  We were able to collect an entire U-Haul truck with everyone's generous donations of food, toys, linens and supplies that were sent out to local Long Island charities.  My co-worker, Jeff described the energy of the night as "electrifying" which makes me ecstatic!  I really want people to feel good about giving back to those who are less fortunate. "Hundreds of people came to the event with a great need to help others, and that is what life is all about" Ula BluChip explained.  Seeing all the faces around the room set an impression on me and created a momory that will last forvever.  I truly feel like we were able to make a difference with the help of Milieu and I could not be more grateful for their support!  

Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who helped put the party together: Vincent's Clam Bar, Echo Agency, Harlan, The Tilles Center, Jerome Bell, Milieu Magazine, LI Press and the entire BluChip Team!  With their support, we were able to give toys, books, games and food to Angela's House, The Salvation Army,  and LI Head Start.  The biggest surprise of the night was when my clients (and friends), Michael Ardolino and John Fitzgerald came up to the micrpohone to give me two pink slippers.  They told me, in front of the crowd, that if I put them on, I could give $500 for each slipper to the charity of my choice.  Well, that blew me away.  Of course, I put them on immediately!  Later, we decided that we NEEDED to give to The Next CoverGirl, Jackie Hance who founded "Beautiful Me" in honor of her three deceased daughters.

I know I said it a lot but THANK YOU...and I hope everyone can understand the tears in my speech...many of you have touched my heart.   

For info on The Hance Family Foundation "Beautiful Me" visit: www.HanceFamilyFoundation.org

Love, Karin

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