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Santa's Christmas UHaul....

Posted on December 17, 2013 at 2:50 PM

Most people dread having to dirve a truck, but the Blu Crew jumped at the chance. We had a lot of toys to donate to Angela's House, but with no sled in sight, and the holidays right around the corner we knew Santa was to busy to lend a hand.

The Blu Crew took matters into their own hands. With their mission of making sure the only Blue Christmas children would have this year is a Blu Chip Christmas, our team got to work. With love in our hearts and Christmas cheer on our minds we ran to the nearest UHaul, and rented a the biggest truck they had available. 

Brittany BluChip and Ula BluChip drove the truck across Long Island. Ula drove as Brittany hung out the window putting makeup on in the side view mirror. (Apparently these trucks forgot to put the mirrors in the visors, and even Santa's helpers need to look good.) After a long cold treck to the Milieu Cheers for Charity Cover Party, which served as our make shift toy shop, we arrived. Hundreds of guests greeted us with Toys and gifts, and we all took handfuls to load into the back of the truck.

It was a sight to be seen. Women in dresses and high heels, children, and men in dress pants and ties  lined up and worked together, so well Santa's elves themselves would have been impressed. After a beautiful night, with the help of family and friends we successfully loaded our truck, and will be able to spread Christmas cheer to children near and dear.

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