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Hauppauge High School Career Day!

Posted on December 4, 2013 at 10:40 AM

We received this amazing, heart warming letter from a student at Hauppauge High School regarding our presentation for career day. We love getting such good feedback. Thank you to all the students and teachers for having us!



Hi Mrs. Caro!

I was one of the students at Hauppauge High School today that saw your presentation with Brittany. I just wanted to tell you that you guys did an amazing job.


I have always been very concerned about my future and career choice. Today you really inspired me to work harder in life to find something I have a passion for and also make a great living out of it.


You also opened up my mind to new possibilities in the business industry. I’m similar to you in that I’m very spontaneous in my work ethic and I have to constantly be switching up what I’m doing. I thought that this was a weakness of mine because I usually see successful people as the ones that can focus on their task and stick with it until completion. I didn’t believe that this weakness would work well in marketing and business because the job requires so much focus. You really made me re-think that because you said that this trait is actually a strength. I was also able to connect with you because I contemplated being a child or school psychologist all the time and I was even thinking about pursuing this as a career. After your presentation though, I became more open to majoring in business and I can possibly see myself being successful in it. Even from a young age, I’ve been interested in real estate and watching HGTV. To me, business seemed like a very risky career ch oice though. Is there any advice you would give me if I entered the business field?


Overall, your presentation today really got me thinking about taking a chance in business. I’m only 15 years old, but after hearing about the internships, I feel like I need to start working and interning right now! I want to experience everything I can so that I can pick the perfect career for me.


Thank you so much for inspiring and motivating me today. Please tell Brittany that her story was also great because she looks quite young and she already has a fantastic career at BluChip.


Thank you once again. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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