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A Few Good Men

Posted on June 17, 2018 at 5:05 PM

There hasn't been anything that I have accomplished alone in this world...and whatever has happened to me, has been a direct result of the tapestry of my life and all the weavings of individual people; the threads from one to another that created my journey. As I look back at my years, I can see from the perspective of the present moment that every aspect of my life was necessary and perfect. Each step eventually led me to a higher place, even though these steps were often obstacles or painful experiences. I am eternally thankful for Brookhaven Chairman Jesus Garcia for his supportiveness and guidance, leadership and friendship. Not only does he connect people but never expects anything in return. Not only does he help anyone that needs direction, he does so selflessly. I am thankful for the threads of life he and the other men in these pictures have provided me...to weave my tapestry. Each one of them has helped me to create my journey...each one in very special ways. Each one, interconnected because of Mr. Garcia. 

In these pictures, John Rose- offered me my first "adult" job at Lighthouse Insurance when I was just 17 years old and my parents left me to the street.

Tom Kehoe- my mentor, business partner and like a father to me. 

Manny Vilar- my friend and inspiration for business and life. 

Jesus Garcia- there really aren't enough words. 

There is no mistake that I honor these men today...on Father's Day. I am an orphan and the need for truly good men in my life is essential. Thank you to these few good men. I love you all. 

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