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Accept Good In You & The Bad In Others

Posted on June 24, 2017 at 5:05 PM

I am not perfect but I'm accountable. The other day, I apologized to a vicious, malicious and nasty person. It felt good to take accountability for the times I was wrong. This person did not. There was just a cold, calculating stare....scary. Very. But it was good for me to see the truth....clearly and to identify with one of my biggest strengths: bravery. It validated that my choices have been right. That I am becoming the best version of myself...each day!

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Accepting that you will never get an apology is the best gift you can give yourself. Be brave. Stand tall. Be true. Be you.

Some people have to be in our lives....even though we wish they weren't. BUT accepting and knowing who they are is one ☝️ BIG step. Move forward but with eyes and ears open.

Doing this solidifies that you are the better person and always will be. Accept that and move forward...with pride. 

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