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Angela's House - 7th Annual Fishing Fundraiser

Posted on June 4, 2013 at 10:20 AM


Date: July 30, 2013

Location: Sailing from Captree Park

$50.00 — $3,000.00


Sailing from Captree State Park




4pm to 8pm

Please arrive early the boat leaves at 4pm


Enjoy 4 hours of fishing and food

Fishing amenities include: rod/reel, bait, hooks and sinkers.


Event Sponsor ($3,000 per charter boat)

Individual sign displayed on the boat, website, social media and radio recognition, includes 4 event tickets

Dinner Sponsor ($1,500 per charter boat)

Individual sign displayed at the dinner, social media recognition. Includes 2 event ticket

Individual tickets ($50) - Click the link above to purchase!

Includes: fishing, sandwich, soft drinks, and prize for biggest fish.





Posted on November 30, 2012 at 11:00 AM

With the holidays fast approaching and the end of the year nearing, we often begin to reflect on what it is we appreciate most in our lives. More often than not, we find ourselves recognizing how much our loved ones mean to us. We leave our grudges and bitterness at the door and show our gratitude by showering those special people in our lives with treats and gifts. We say forgive and forget, but do any of us truly know how to?


For Victoria Ruvolo, forgiveness is in her blood. In mid November of 2004, her life changed forever when a young man irresponsibly hurled a 20 pound frozen turkey into the front windshield of her oncoming Honda in Lake Ronkonkoma. Anyone who knows this story is aware that Ruvolo nearly lost her life that day; her face was shattered and she was unconscious for nearly a month. Most of us would expect that an incident of this nature would have a negative effect on someone’s life, but if you have had the pleasure of meeting Ruvolo you know that the happenings of that night, in her eyes, changed her life for the better.


After numerous surgeries and a grueling regiment of rehabilitation, Ruvolo appeared at the young man’s sentencing and pleaded for the court to have mercy. She had forgiven him in order to move on and felt that years in prison would be a detriment to his future and would only prevent him from learning how to be more than what happened that night.


“I told him ‘Just do something good with your life,’” she remembered. “And then I hugged him.”


Since then, Ruvolo has done exactly that. Taking her own words to heart, she continues to speak to troubled teens and young adults alongside former Suffolk County probation psychologist, Robert Goldman in his conflict-resolution program, T.A.S.T.E. Together they co-wrote a book titled “‘No Room for Vengeance…’ In Justice and Healing”, which shares Ruvolo story from multiple points of view.


After its release in November of last year, Ruvolo has continued to spread her words of forgiveness while promoting the self-help benefits her book offers to anyone that needs to learn how to “move on and let go”.


“If my book touches just one person’s life, I will share my story forever and ever to help make a difference”. She continued, “People know that we truly care, that’s why it works”.


The book has not only reconnected Ruvolo with estranged family members, but also inspired new friendships.


“People always come up to me, which touches my heart. I tell them to appreciate every moment at every point in their lives, because it can be gone in a second”, said Ruvolo.


She added, “I thank everyone who thought and prayed for me, it’s because of you that I’m still here and helping people”.

WRCN's Request-a-thon for Angela's House

Posted on October 4, 2012 at 1:20 PM



RONKONKOMA, NY – WRCN’S 103.9 Classic Rock will host their second 24 hour Request-A-Thon with DJs Bill Powers on October 25th. In 24 hours, the station hopes to raise donations through song requests, raffles, and auction items to the non-profit organization, Angela’s House. This will also give Long Islanders the opportunity to take over the airwaves for an entire day.


Radio listeners are encouraged to call in any song to be played on the air for a starting donation of $25 from 10:00am on October 25th to 10:00am on October 26th. $1,000 will get a listener the opportunity to take over the airwaves for an entire hour, interact with other listeners, as well as the DJs and guest celebrities.

In addition, various supporters will be stopping throughout the 24 hours. Expected call ins include former Jets Wesley Walker and Marty Lyons, former wrestler Mick Foley, Headbangers Ball’s Riki Rachtman, and Zebra’s Randy Jack. NY 86’ Mets Mookie Wilson and Edward Hearn are expected to drop by. Up for auction will be the baseball that went between Red Sox’s Bill Buckner’s legs in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, which is signed by both Bucker and Wilson. Former NY Giants player Tiki Barber will be present to give away autographed memorabilia.


Items that will be auction off on air include a Taylor Swift autographed guitar, Hank Williams autographed guitar, Zac Brown autographed guitar, two tickets to the sold out Zac Brown Band show at Madison Square Garden, a signed KISS guitar, various Giants and Jets merchandise. A three night stay at Manhattan Club for New Year’s Eve, Frank Catalanotto signed baseballs. More items are expected to be donated in the upcoming weeks to the event.


The request line number is 631-648-2500.


For more information or how to be part of the request-a-thon, call BluChip Marketing at 631-337-1603. Also, visit the Facebook’s page – www.facebook.com/angelarcn



ABOUT ANGELA’S HOUSE: Angela’s House is a 501 C3 non-profit organization that assists families caring for children with special health care needs that are medically fragile, chronically ill or suffering from a life threatening illness. The organization assist families caring for their children at home and for children that can no longer live at home we have Angela’s House. The Policastro family founded this agency 20 years ago following the tragic crisis they lived with their daughter Angela. This parent-based origin has become the approach and philosophy they apply to each family they assist.


We had the pleasure to work with Jo from Moms Who Kick.....

Posted on October 2, 2012 at 2:20 PM

and wow, what an incredible woman! She’s quite inspirational and we think the foundation is an amazing initiative! Attend her awesome gala and be amazing by these courage women who literally kick butt!

Tesla's Great-Nephew Fights to Keep His Memory Alive.

Posted on September 26, 2012 at 11:15 AM

By: James Bernstein

William H. Terbo, now 82 and a retired engineer living in Scotch Plains, N.J., has but a single memory of his great-uncle, Nikola Tesla, a largely over-looked but important scientist sometimes called The Father of the Electric Age. But the memory is enduring.

Terbo, then about eight-years-old, met his great uncle in the late 1930s, at the New Yorker Hotel, in Manhattan. Tesla was then in his late '70s, and being of Serbian birth, still observed certain Old World customs. One of them was kissing women, and men, even very young men, three times on both cheeks. Terbo got three kisses, blushed, and now, many decades later, says he would have preferred a handshake, but understood his great-uncle's custom.

“There should be a Tesla museum in this country,” said Terbo, who is Tesla’s last-surviving relative. “It’s not adequate just to have some (Tesla exhibits) in the Smithsonian” in Washington, D.C. Tesla’s laboratory in Shoreham, on Long Island’s East End, is a fit place for such a museum, Terbo said.

There is a movement currently on Long Island to raise money to purchase the land in Shoreham where Tesla did much of his work on electric transference. Tesla’s laboratory, called Wardenclyffe, is now owned by AGFA Group, a multi-national technology company headquartered in Belgium. AGFA, which also has offices in New Jersey, is looking for about $1.6 million for the property.

A newly-formed non-profit, The Telsa Science Center at Wardenclyffe, has so far raised about $1.265,000, said David Madigan, a board member of the effort to raise the funds.

Terbo is executive secretary of the Tesla Memorial Society, which sponsors academic conferences, scholarship awards and cultural activities in honor of Tesla.

Terbo recalls his great-uncle as “very tall and old,” but added that Tesla had a sense of humor, despite stories generally describing him as a stern and serious scientist. Terbo’s father, also Nikola, had a relationship with Tesla, even though Tesla was decades older.

“It’s extremely important” that Terbo is playing an active and supportive role in trying to establish the museum, Madigan said. “He’s (Terbo) been a tireless advocate for his great-uncle’s inventions. One of the greatest attributes is to have his counsel and advocacy.”

When Tesla died, in 1943 at age 86, some 5,000 people turned out for his funeral at St. John the Devine Church in Manhattan, said Terbo.

Those wishing to contribute may do so through Indiegogo.com/teslamuseum; www.teslasciencecenter.org of send a check to P.O. Box 552 Shoreham, N.Y 11786.